9D Harmonics – Quantum Theory, Alchemy, and Metaphysical Studies, Quantum Theory Practical Application, Alchemy Philosophy and Clairvoyance.

Quantum Healing Arts

“Become the highest version of yourself.
Be the example of Purity and Unconditional Love.”

– Nuri Sunshine

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Introductory of Quantum Principals Workshop

Join Nuri Sunshine on Zoom for a free quantum workshop and meditation. Go to “Schedule” for registration.

9am - 10am PST



Quantum Academy Begins - Modalities Introduction

Quantum Modalities and Practical Application Courses Begin
Schedule to Sign up

7:00pm - 8:30pm PST



Alchemy Academy Begins - Philosophy Introduction

Alchemy Philosophy Introduction and 4 Modules (6 week course). 
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7:00pm - 8:30pm PST



Clairvoyant Readings & Energy Clearing

When we experience stagnancy in life, it tends to be hard to connect to our Higher Selves. 
A Clairvoyant reading is a powerful tool that assists those seeking answers and removes energetic blockages that prevent the individual from taking the next steps in life.

Introductory of Quantum Principals Workshop

Join us in our free quantum workshop every Sunday 9:00 am PST via Zoom. 

 Whether you are new to quantum modalities and practices or a master, join us in an introductory quantum workshop.

Quantum Healing & Counseling

One-on-One Quantum Counseling Timeline and Entanglement Analysis Quantum Healing and Resonances Correction.

This service is available to Quantum Academy Students & 9D Harmonics Subscribers


Alchemy Academy

Alchemy knowledge is a powerful tool that allows us to work with energy and understand Creation. It is used in spiritual and physical transformations of our everyday life functions.
Sign up for our Alchemy:

  • Alchemy History and Philosophy
  • Alchemy in Spirituality
  • Working with Metals
  • Practical Application of Alchemy
  • Biology and Alchemy
  • Workshops

Quantum Academy

Want to learn how to use Quantum Practices and create your reality? 

We are here to assist you in re-remembering the knowledge you already possess and help you tap into your own wisdom.

This program is a 9 week program teaches quantum modalities and their practical applications. Our Quantum program also incorporates detoxification protocols for the physical body and one-on-one counseling.

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