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About Us

About Nuri Sunshine

Nuri is a certified Clairvoyant reader and a Quantum and Alchemy practitioner helping others achieve their highest potential. Nuri’s foundation is in Buddhist wisdom, and she incorporates these teachings into her work so that others may gain a deeper understanding of the Self. 

Nuri began her studies of energy healing work in the South of France and continued her journey by traveling and working with various indigenous tribes for over a decade. This incredible path led her to a deeper understanding of the spirit/energy world and the Self. She studied and practiced Clairvoyance, Alchemy, Quantum modalities, and meditation, combining all the teachings for those interested in self-development and healing.

Through studying the esoteric teachings, traveling worldwide, and practicing various modalities and meditation, Nuri created a unique way of bringing knowledge of all the teachings and applying them to her healing practices.

About 9D Harmonics

9D Harmonics is centered around your journey of self-discovery and understanding of energy and healing through quantum modalities. Our goal is to help you discover the hidden energetic and spiritual properties of the world of Quantum and Metaphysical. 

Sharing stories and years of knowledge from studying with shamans, priests, masters and healers. Helping you gain an understanding of the true nature of reality and the power of shaping one’s own destiny personally and professionally. 

These practices of self-discovery and development help unravel the web of misconceptions and limitations that are holding you back. 

Through our training programs, we teach you how to cultivate co-creation abilities, foster cooperation, and balance personal life. The 9D Harmonics team offers guidance and resources for you to start your journey of self-discovery.


Comprehensive understanding of the concepts of telepathy and intuition. It delves into the different types of telepathy and the various ways intuition can manifest, making it easy to understand.
9D blog gives a great balance of scientific and spiritual perspectives. I appreciated the examples provided on how to cultivate these abilities through meditation and other practices.
9D Harmonics is a great source to learn quantum theory. The connection to quantum physics and the idea of navigating through the matrix added an interesting layer to my understanding of these phenomen
The explanations are clear and easy to understand. Well-researched and well-written piece that provides a solid understanding of quantum, as well as practical advice on how to apply it practically.
As someone who has been practicing telepathy and intuition for some time, I found this article from 9D Harmonics to be spot on in its descriptions of the different types and its explanation of how to
9D Harmonics is a beacon of enlightenment, guiding individuals on their journey to becoming the highest version of themselves. The academy, led by the inspiring Nuri Sunshine, is a haven for those see
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