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Bringing Peace into a World of Chaos


Many are caught in the world’s turmoil of rapidly accelerating chaos. We are witnessing cataclysmic waves of violence of the collapsing systems on all levels of existence, from political, international, religious, and financial. We are seeing it on corporate and social levels of organizations. We also witness the destruction within families, couples systems, and individual psychological systems. 

Every collapsing system is losing its viability on micro and macro levels of existence, and each structure corresponds with one another in its relatability on a fractal cosmic level, mirroring itself within itself on every level.

One can recognize the pattern within complex systems on a government level where a lack of monolithic capacity and constant attitude conflicts carry out the plans of those not in alignment with the unaligned consequences.

We can also see the same type of incoherence within the geophysical system despite the scientific explanation of paradigms made up of random events. We are witnessing the increasing activity of solar flares, frequent passing of the asteroids within the atmosphere, and natural disasters across the earth plane.

We see the fall into the lowest devolutionary level of human consciousness within internal and external fragmentations of the world, where egos depended on those systems and took for granted, believing that all that there is to make and spend money, have careers, buy the food, acquire more products, follow traditional belief systems. All of this is falling away, leaving everything in a freefall within the void. 

Once we understand this alchemical process that the world is undergoing and see that we are now entered the unraveling, imploding, accelerated disturbances from which none of the systems can recover, we can begin to integrate the understanding of ego destruction on all of these levels for higher development of consciousness. And within that understanding, each being resonating and flowing with these shifts can stabilize oneself and drop into the frequency of serenity and peace, extending this peace to others and allowing them to find security within it.

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