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Detoxification – Fasting

Fasting has been part of history since the beginning of time. Even animals, when ill, will refuse to eat and sit in solitude, and humans are no exception.

I personally have enjoyed a variety of different fasts and would love to share my own experience with fasting from the beginning and give a little background on why I chose these practices.

* Please note that if you are diagnosed with an oncological dis-ease, you must follow a specific type of protocol for fasting. Before beginning any detoxification and/or fasting programs, it is also recommended to understand and study how the anatomy works, particularly the lymphatic system. I will provide more information in my blogs, so please continue to follow me along and please check out my latest videos on Instagram.

There are two forms of fasting known as “forced fasting” when one is undergoing a dis-ease and cannot intake food. And the second form is “conscious fasting” for cleansing and restoring the body. 

Both fasting methods are designed by nature for energy management and cell regeneration within our bodies. 

Human beings are frugivores, not carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores. After gathering information from outside Western Medicine and researching documented success stories in detoxifying the body out of dis-eases, dependencies, aging, etc., I have noticed a common denominator – fruits. “After dissecting and observing different species’ anatomical structures and physiological processes, we come to the same conclusion: “Humans are frugivores…” (Dr. Robert Morse), and it has been scientifically proven that by nature, humans are not supposed to eat meats, fish, dairy, grains, etc. Our bodies are able to digest most of the things we eat, but this is primarily the reason why we experience dis-ease and age much faster than our ancestors from hundreds and thousands of years ago, as our lymphatic system (garbage disposal) works nearly 100 times harder to “dump” the waste generated by structures it simply cannot use in its energy use and regeneration. 

We are now returning to the basics and simplicity. We, as intellectual beings, have made everything extremely complicated. But if we let go and look at nature, everything is very simple. Mother nature provides all of what we need if we follow our soul’s guidance and intuition. 1 Apple a day keeps the doctor away… Isn’t that a true statement!

Let’s talk about the Fasts now.

Water Fast

Water should only be done with distilled or reverse osmosis water. Your digestive energy will be used for the lymphatic, glandular, and immune systems. Water fasts are generally used for purging and removing stored toxins and inflammation. (Water fasts are NOT recommended for those who have a lowered immune system or those who have oncological dis-ease, please use extreme caution or use the All Fruit Fast I outlined below).

Raw Fruit Fast

I have found this fast the most beneficial and would like to share this information based on my experience and successful detoxification and healing. My mom, who is currently diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic cancer, is also undergoing the raw fruit fast and diet. We are carefully documenting her progress under Dr. Morse and Western Doctors for comparison.

Raw Fruit Fasts and Diets have been a lifesaver for my physical being and allowed me to connect deeply with my inner guidance and dramatically improve my quality of life.


Eat raw foods for a week and only raw fruits for the last two days. This will help clean out your bowels, flush your liver and kidneys and get you ready for your fast or continue with the raw fruits fast that you have started the last two days.

When to “Break” the Fast

This is where you will follow your own intuition. Determine when you desire food versus when you are actually hungry. After 3 days of not eating, the desire to eat usually goes away. When we become hungry, our body will tell us. The first three days will be the period of time for your body to use the digestive energy for cleaning and healing, and the mind will tell us that it is hungry as a habitual response.

How to “Break” the Fast

A general rule I personally follow is breaking most fasts for 24-48 hours of eating fresh, raw, fruit for every three days of fasting you have done. Never start eating heavy foods right after your fast, it will throw off your system and cause a lot of damage.

My All Time Favorite All Grape Fast

Organic Grape Juice Fast:

Juice a quart of grapes (with seeds and small stems) – dark-seeded grapes are the best.

Drink as much of this grape juice as often as you desire. Grapes are great antioxidants and have incredible hydrating properties. 

Happy Fasting! And if you would like a consultation, send me a message 🙂

With Love and Light

*For long extended fasts, consult someone who is experienced in fasting and detoxification.

* All information is collected from various sources from indigenous tribes, from 7 doctors across the world, and, of course, my favorite Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine – Dr. Robert Morse. You can find him on YouTube and https://drmorsesherbalhealthclub.com

Sources: Dr. Robert Morse “The Detox Miracle Sourcebook. Raw Foods and Herbs for Complete Cellular Regeneration”.

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