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Escaping the Matrix

Escaping the 3D Matrix into 5D Heaven on Earth

I have made a decision to step out of the “matrix,” completely cutting myself out of the system. It cost me relationships, friendships, “career goals,” and much more. No, it was not easy, but it was something I had to do to continue with my life’s mission. I could not live a double life, seeing clearly beyond the veil, yet continuing on the path I was on.

I’ve made a choice to live authentically as I continue putting out messages in the world, sharing my journey and my downloads for those who need the support the most.

The veils have been removed and addressed. Everything I believed to be true is now inverted, from the global illusions of the matrix to my own individual ones that I have constructed based on what the matrix has told me my truth is.

Many of you are probably asking, “what on earth is she talking about?!”. I have had many people tell me I am crazy, delusional, etc., yet some people circled back asking more questions as they are beginning to see the illusions, waking out of the hypnosis state.

I know many of you are in the process of waking up and seeing the truth, and I want to tell you that you are not alone. And although it is not easy, the payoff is greater than the matrix allows you to believe.

Waking up and making a conscious choice to step out of the matrix was the hardest decision I have ever made. But the feeling of liberation and my sovereignty has made it clear that I would rather feel the pain of deconstructing everything I know than be asleep in the game of money, power, and outside recognition. Many even believe that they are out of the matrix if they are on a spiritual path. But that is even a deeper illusion when the need for survival is injected like poison into what is perceived as pure.

The need for survival is an illusion, and this is the hardest one for people to grasp, so many fall back asleep after seeing the truth. But one thing I will tell you, once you see, you cannot unsee. So falling back asleep into the matrix is a conscious choice.

Stay tuned as I share my journey out of the 3D Matrix into 5D Heaven on Earth.

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