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Exposure of the Illusion and Dark Occultism

Message from the Arcturian Council. Illusion and occultism are the most effective ways that the dark forces use while hiding within different dimensions. Humanity is witnessing the illumination of darkness, and many are beginning to realize that their illusions are ineffective when the veil is lifted. For the awakened, lifted veil gradually brought the understanding of who is here on this Planet and for what purpose. 

Humanity is awakening from the illusion and low vibrational existence. Many are beginning to understand the motives behind GMOs, chemtrails, pharmaceuticals, the beauty industry, money, power, and conditional programming. These motives gave darkness control over the thoughts and physical bodies of humans that kept them asleep for thousands of years. Now many are breaking the hypnotic veil of dark programming. 

We are witnessing panic within the dark, low vibrational dimensions. As the Light illuminates them with high frequencies, they can now be seen; their illusions are being exposed through high light frequencies that are sent onto the Planet now. Do not take for granted what you are able to see. 

Many individuals around you walking the Earth are not what they deem themselves to be, and as the consciousness on the Planet changes, their true identities are revealed, sometimes in the most shocking and unexpected ways. These veils of lies and illusions are not only being lifted; they are being wholly dissolved, exposing all of the lies, illusions, and deceptions in a matter of moments.

If you have awakened but felt that you were not ready to see the truth and the beings hiding within low vibrational dimensions, it indicates that you are holding onto fear. The moment you fall into fear, you become vulnerable to attacks and psychological manipulation. Please remember, dear ones, that these beings are harmless once you see that they are using the illusion to make you believe they are of higher vibrations. They dread the moment when you begin to awaken out of the hypnosis and see through their illusions. 

The awakened are now given an ability to see inter-dimensional beings that are hiding behind the veils in between dimensions. Many of you may even live with these beings in your own home without realizing it; you may see them every day at work, the store, your church, and many other places. You may not be able to be emotionally ready to deal with what gets revealed to you – this is when you must stay grounded and centered to allow the truth to sink in. Ask for help, and not fall into fear from what you are now able to see. 

Message to the Lightworkers – the Great Illumination is the red pill many may not be ready for, be prepared to assist those who have awakened abruptly and need your help once they come out of hypnosis. It is part of your mission to help others during this Great Awakening.

Stay Light and stay in your center.

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