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First Step – Heart of Self Realization

Auburn, California
First Step to Heart of Self – Realization

The first step to forgiveness is to have the right not to forgive.

The first step to acceptance is not knowing how to accept.

The first step to clarity is to allow yourself to feel stuck.

The first step to happiness is realizing that you don’t have to be the same all the time.

The first step in empowering is realizing that your mind and senses are allies, not enemies.

The first step to dignity is to consider how you exist for far more reasons than you might imagine.

The first step in discernment is recognizing how much better treatment you deserve.

The first step in courage is realizing the worst-case scenario, as you spend more time in circumstances that you are too afraid to violate.

The first step to joy is realizing that there is something deeper that wants to express itself through you.

The first step to liberation is remembering that your deepest power can only love.

Instead of quickly moving to the next step in any stage of evolution that you explore, today it may be an opportunity to slow down the pace of your journey. Let it give you a pause of relief, allowing you to be exactly where and how you are, without having to believe that something is missing ahead.

Let you remember your life as a journey of radical expansion, guiding you on a trajectory that is never too difficult for your true self.

May it help you to enjoy and take the first step with the greatest compassion as you transform in it.

This is the heart of self-realization.

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