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From Poverty Mindset into Abundance. Money and Spirituality

Money and Society
Money and Society

Breaking Free from Limitations: Understanding the Connection between Spirituality and Money

Are you tired of feeling guilty for wanting financial stability and abundance on your spiritual journey? It’s time to break free from the belief that money and spirituality are mutually exclusive. In today’s society, money can easily lead to negative consequences, but it can also support our spiritual growth and well-being.

Many spiritual seekers believe that wanting money is unworthy and unspiritual, but this is simply a karmic self-limitation that needs to be corrected. Money is not inherently good or bad, but a manifestation of divine blessings in exchange for serving others and supporting the higher purpose of consciousness.

Unfortunately, this self-imposed limitation often leads to poverty and a lack of mentality, blocking the flow of abundance in our lives. But with the right tools and understanding, we can break free from these limiting beliefs and open the door to a world where there is enough for everyone.

From astrology to affirmations, there are a variety of tools available to help us clear karmic patterns of self-limitation and attract abundance in our lives. It’s time to let go of fear and attachment, and embrace the flow of abundance with fearlessness and non-attachment. So, join us on this journey to financial stability and spiritual growth, and start observing how abundance starts to flow into your life. Stay in harmony and follow your heart.

The History of Poverty in Spirituality

Throughout history, poverty has been viewed through a spiritual lens in many cultures and religions. In ancient societies, poverty was often seen as a result of moral or spiritual shortcomings. This belief was rooted in the idea that the gods or divine forces controlled the distribution of wealth and prosperity, and those who were poor must have done something to displease the gods or fail to live up to their moral or spiritual obligations.

In many ancient cultures, poverty was viewed as a form of punishment for moral or spiritual transgressions. For example, in ancient Mesopotamia, poverty was believed to be a punishment for failing to fulfill one’s obligations to the gods or for committing sins. Similarly, in ancient Egypt, poverty was seen as a punishment for moral or spiritual shortcomings and was associated with the god Set, who was often depicted as a symbol of chaos and disorder.

In many religions, poverty was also seen as a form of spiritual testing or trial. For example, in Christianity, poverty was often viewed as a test of faith, with the belief that those who were able to maintain their faith in God despite their poverty would be rewarded in the afterlife. Similarly, in Buddhism, poverty was seen as a form of suffering that could lead to spiritual growth and enlightenment if approached with the right mindset.

Over time, the understanding of poverty shifted from being a punishment or test of one’s faith to a social and economic issue that needed to be addressed. The rise of humanism and the emergence of the welfare state in the 19th century marked a shift in the understanding of poverty as a social issue that needed to be addressed through policy and social action.

In modern times, poverty is still viewed as a spiritual issue by some religious and spiritual communities. Many spiritual leaders continue to advocate for social justice and the elimination of poverty, recognizing that it is not only a moral issue but also a spiritual one. They believe that it is a violation of our spiritual connection as humans to see others suffer from poverty, and it is our duty to work towards eliminating it.

Spirituality and Money

Poverty is not spiritually or physically healthy. Unfortunately, many who have stepped onto their spiritual path fall into the trap of the belief that wanting money is unworthy and unspiritual. This belief comes from a lack mentality and karmic self-limitation, which needs to be corrected. 

Money should not be considered good or bad but a manifestation of the divine blessing in exchange for service to others in a way that supports the Light and the higher purpose of consciousness as a whole. That entails following the Heart. 

In today’s society, money can quickly lead to self-degradation, pride, addiction, and attachment to material. But we must also recognize that it can promote the spiritual path, material stability, and abundance – what humanity naturally strives for. 

Many of those who are on a spiritual path and provide a service to humanity hesitate to take money for their services. They fail to see that if what they do is beneficial for the world and that everything is a manifestation of the divine energies. They do not understand that acceptance of gratitude in the form of money is the divine law of harmony.

Most people live poorer than they should be due to karmic blockages that we call self-limitations. This means that through self-limitation, the abundance flow gets blocked, and the door to a world where there is enough for everyone gets closed. That is when one drops into fear and lack mentality, creating a duality belief system around money being good or bad.

Money is blocked when there is an attachment to it and when there is fear that it will not be available in the future. One must possess two qualities to keep the flow of abundance of money and for the doorway to be open – fearlessness and non-attachment. 

Living in Fear

The one shackled by fear can’t get to where he is destined to be and live a fulfilling life. He/she will go to a place where the offer of an exchange may be higher, walking away from a life-purpose destination by choosing a path of less integrity and not in line with the Heart. Later they realize that the more the path diverges from the true purpose, the more diseases and misfortune one encounters that bring along high levels of anxiety and psychological issues in the long run, further creating an abundance blockage.

Many tools are available to everyone that help clear the karmic patterns of self-limitation, particularly around money. For example, using astrology to decode karmic organization individually. Astrology is a great tool that can be used to work with karmic self-limitations by gaining an understanding of what they are in the first place and working through those limitations consciously.

There are also a variety of spiritual practices that help to understand self-limitations and the path that the subconscious chooses. These practices include meditation, journaling, and many other tools that bring consciousness to thought and action patterns for correction.

Another great tool widely used is affirmations that get you in tune with your mind to autocorrect your thinking patterns. For example:

“There are always a lot of ideas and resources to get money from me, as much as I need.”

“I turn any difficulties into money.”

“I attract a wealth of abundance from different sources.”

“I attract wealth, love, and gratitude.”

“I rejoice greatly with small successes.” 

“Money I loves me.”

“I am worthy of big money.”

“I am a magnet for money and wealth. 

“I choose thoughts and patterns that make me richer and happier.”

Poverty is not spiritually or physically healthy, and it is important for those on a spiritual journey to break free from the belief that wanting money is unworthy or unspiritual. Instead, money should be seen as a manifestation of divine blessings in exchange for serving others and supporting the higher purpose of consciousness. By understanding and breaking free from karmic self-limitations, individuals can attract abundance and financial stability in their lives while still staying true to their spiritual path. The use of tools such as astrology, affirmations, and meditation can help in this process. 

Additionally, the history of poverty is viewed as a spiritual issue has been acknowledged and how it was viewed as a punishment or test of faith in the past, but now it is recognized as a social and economic issue that needs to be addressed.

Use the tools that fit the best for you and observe how abundance starts to flow into your life. And always stay in harmony.

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