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New Earth Paradigm “When Leaving Karmic or Soul Contracts.”

New Earth Paradigm “When Leaving Karmic or Soul Contracts.”

As the collective consciousness expands, many of you have begun recognizing your current relationships and friendships that hold karmic and soul agreements. Many of you are pulling away from one another and concluding these agreements.

The old paradigm of ending those agreements is to get angry, blame one another, and create reasons to leave so that if you are the one saying “it is time,” you don’t experience guilt. So there is just that, “because of this, I have to go.” 

But the new paradigm in the 5D Earth is that there is a way to separate with grace and respect. It is as simple as knowing and acknowledging that maybe you have completed your contract and karma with another. You have given each other blessings, evolved together, and learned from one another, acknowledging that perhaps the expectations were not met the way you wanted. And re-remembering that many other things have been part of it, and there has always been Love.

Remember the Love, and then you can conclude honorably, without the blame, shame, and anger, or make the other person wrong. But simply through the truth that you have come together in this particular timeline, it is time to grow beyond. 

Once you do that, you clear the contract and the karma, so you do not repeat the cycle in the next relationship or friendship.

Then there is harmony and realization of the sacredness and uniqueness of each encounter. And the honoring of that is the new paradigm. It can be done with Love.

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