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Quantum Alchemy 7 Directions and – Matter Manipulation Part 2

Meditation Directions
Quantum Alchemy

“Fifth Direction Meditation Body Positioning Explained”

The fifth direction starts within the base of your spine, where your root chakra energy center is. Many of you have heard of the term “grounding” and why it has been a critical practice to release energy. This concept is similar to electrical wires that require grounding to create an additional path for the electricity to flow, distribute it evenly, release excess energy and run it through the conduit, in this case, your body.

Your body carries an element in your blood that most of you are familiar with – iron. Earth’s center core also contains iron, which creates a particular resonance between you and the planet. Iron in your blood and iron in the Earth’s core vibrate at 40HZ, creating a precise connection between you and Mother Earth, thus, allowing the energies from the 6th direction (Part 3) to flow through you and not “short circuit” the body.

Body positioning:

Once you’ve established the first four directions, you can bring attention to the fifth direction of your body positioning. The base of your spine must be pointing straight down to allow you to release excess energy into the center of the planet. Once this axis is established, you will feel a significant release of energy. With more practice, you can observe your unlimited power and strength within you.

The connection with Earth’s center core will enable you to bring energies into thought form from higher realms and alchemize them into matter.

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