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Quantum Alchemy 7 Directions – Matter Manipulation Part 1

“Four Directions Meditation Body Positioning Explained”

Quantum alchemy requires specific body positioning designed to activate the energetic conduit portals located within the body. 

A traditional way taught by our ancestors is to position your body within a circle in a way that first aligns with four directions – East, West, North, and South.  

Each side of your body – the back, front, left, and right- must align with each of the four directions. The positioning is as follows:

Within a circle, face the East with your back to the West. North is on your left, and South is on your right. Become aware of the rising and setting sun – the primary source of vitality and energy that helps accurately position you for activation. 

Energies that are being generated from the East activate creative inner guidance. West are energies of transformation and clearing. North is the inspiration for overcoming challenges, and South activates energies of support and nurturing. 

Once your body is positioned accordingly, you will be able to feel a rapid increase in energy and sensitivity to the function of these directions. With enough practice, you will be able to know these directions with your eyes closed just by feeling the different energetic vibrations that each direction activates.

Part 2 – 5th Direction Meditation Body Positioning Explained.

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