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The Great Transformation: Navigating the Energetic Shift and Cali

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9D Harmonics Future

As the Earth shifts and evolves, so too must we. A process of energetic calibration is taking place within our physical bodies, aligning us with the current frequencies of the planet. Some have planned for this moment, while others are experiencing the symptoms of ascension. But make no mistake, this transformation is not for the faint of heart. Our DNA is undergoing a shift into the galactic realm, requiring not only an energetic shift within ourselves, but a reconstruction of our physiological and biological systems. All organs must undergo a clearing and detoxifying process, as we shed the pollution of lifetimes past. The symptoms may vary, but all are connected to this grand transformation. For some, the discomfort may be overwhelming, but do not give up. We are healing from the darkness of humanity and moving towards a brighter future. Be gentle with yourself, and know that we are all in this process together

Energetic calibration, especially in the physical body, must be complete and vibrate with the current frequencies of planet Earth. Many souls have prepared a plan to exist at this time. Others, however, have decided to continue with the ascension process and feel the symptoms of the energetic shift. 

As the world shifts into the realm of quantum consciousness, individuals are embarking on a spiritual journey of self-discovery and personal growth. This journey is not just limited to an energetic shift, but also includes a reconstruction of the physiological and biological systems within the physical body. Through practices such as quantum theory, energy healing, and the use of plant medicine, individuals are undergoing a clearing and detoxifying process in order to activate the energetic systems and frequencies of the entire body.

However, this process is not the same for everyone. Each person’s journey is unique and will present different symptoms, stages and challenges. For example, some may find comfort in cannabis healing, others might prefer the traditional routes like spiritual exorcism, and some might rely on the ancient wisdom of alchemy and metaphysics. As the ascension process continues, it’s important to remember that all of the discomfort one might be experiencing without clear reasons may be connected to changes that are not always visible to the naked eye.

This spiritual journey is not only about self-discovery, but also about transcending the limitations of the physical world and tapping into one’s clairvoyance and mysticism. Through the understanding of concepts such as karma, reincarnation, and quantum physics, individuals are able to unlock their potential for healing and transcendence. By embracing nature healing, intentional living, and mindfulness, one can tap into the power of healing energy and the power of conscious creation. The ultimate goal of this journey is to reach a state of quantum consciousness, where one is fully aware, conscious and in control of their personal growth and healing journey.  The symptom list is long; most likely the discomfort you are experiencing now is directly connected with the ascension process and calibration of your physical body.

Those who have not chosen ascension in this incarnation their bodies will no longer be able to stay on this planet as Earth’s frequencies have already been changed.

For successful calibration, one must thoroughly detoxify the physical body. Our physical body has been polluted with energetic waste and chemicals for many lifetimes. Our DNA, as well as energy detoxification, is highly critical.

Everyone will go through this process. Be gentle with yourself and your body. It needs your understanding and compassion now. You are healing from all of the darkness humanity carried for many lifetimes. Do not give up. We are almost there.

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