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To a world that has fallen away so far from the Truth.

To a world that has fallen away so far from the Truth.
To a world that has fallen away so far from the Truth.

To a world that has fallen away so far from the Truth.

Because of the deep fall of humanity, the Truth is now being disseminated through the morphogenic field introduced through teachings, practices, and worldly outlets.

What is important now is the embodiment of this Truth and the level of Consciousness to the highest, divine spectrum level of Consciousness. Where all cease to exist and the only perception of subjects and objects without assigning any meanings or conceptualizing. 

That divine level of Consciousness allows the realization that there is nothing outside of the Self; there is no world or cosmos, and there is no separation and multiplicity of beings. All that the mind perceives is an illusion, a dream. There is only one Soul. 

The concept of separation is a kind of mirage or dream partially self-created through the ego-mind’s attachments to places, things, beings, body, and perceived karma that keeps a soul on a trajectory. None of this is real, and it is only information for realization.

Only universal Love, the Divine light of all that is carried through all that is true, it is only able to be interpreted partially through form. And at the divine consciousness level – nothing is ever happening; all there is is just the presence of infinite intelligence, the source of all. In that presence, the world’s illusions cease to exist, and the events happening within the illusion of the ego mind are chosen to be experienced and transcended.

For those living in lower spectrums of Consciousness, a world is perceived as real. It is a world in a lower density and a very vulnerable state, with conflict, escalated tension, imbalances, and accelerated destruction. 

The timeline of destruction is now very short. Those devoted to this ascension and attaining the divine Consciousness must put full effort into this devotion. For those still attached to the mind-ego and the body, the effort is multiplied to sustain the divine god consciousness. The devoted are being called to eliminate all attachments of the ego-mind and its traces. They are called to stand alone, without desires and attachments for enjoyment, without co-dependencies. Consciousness has no body, other beings, or object, only light patterns that produce form in the illusion of time and space.

Time is now perceived to be going fast, which is the indication and a call for devotion to face the final test – to bring light into darkness, Love into all that there is. These efforts require all to be unbroken and unattached, to stay in a constant, not intermitted, meditative state of presence. Transcend the ego with the heart wide open and unconditional Love.

Those willing to surrender have no restrictions for self-liberation, breaking free from the chains of the matrix, and have the wisdom to set Self free. Devotion to Self, without the attachments to the ego-mind, body, objects, beings of the world, and the matrix. One cannot transcend the matrix if the anchors are still there.

But with the purity of heart through which unconditional Love emits, the illusionary dream shall be transcended. It is our responsibility to each other and to ourselves.

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