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We can restore the world’s equilibrium and bring in wisdom


We can restore the world’s equilibrium and bring in wisdom and guidance directly from the source. 

We are given the ability to tune into the highest frequencies, the unborn self-consciousness, and let go of all of the lower frequencies that attach us to the identification of the physical density. 

Consciousness of unchanging purity, eternal stillness, and presence filled with peace allows us to manifest truth and love into the holographic field through the God-given spiritual powers that each of us possesses.

May each light worker give generously to the energy field and bring blessings to all suffering, continue to bring joy and love, and continue using their spiritual power to connect all beings with nature within a single intelligence of the energetic field that manifests itself into this world. 

Each of us must be willing to tune in, let go, and surrender beyond the body and the mind, beyond the matrix.

Nuri Sunshine

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